Having difficulty conceiving is a confronting issue. There are many forms of fertility treatments and it does not have to be IVF.
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One in six Australian couples experience trouble conceiving. A good first step is to see a Fertility Specialist who can assess your overall reproductive health and conduct some simple tests to identify any underlying causes of pregnancy delay. These fertility tests typically include:

Female Infertility Tests

A combination of blood tests and ultrasound scans to help identify any specific issues such as PCOS or endometriosis and to check ovulation is occurring each month.

Egg count (AMH) Test

A simple blood test that measures the level of Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) in the blood and provides a good indication of ovarian reserve.


For patients who are at risk of a variety of inheritable conditions we offer sophisticated scientific techniques to test for genetic disorders.

Natural Killer Cells

A simple blood test to measure that number and activation levels of the Natural Killer Cells, the main immune-cell type found in the uterus involved in the implantation of an embryo.